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How to make a sweet tree

sweet-treeFirstly, in order to make a Sweet Tree you will need various components  including:

  • Metal pot to stand the tree in
  • Dowling to act as the stand
  • Oasis sphere
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Sweets! (We can provide these)
  • Decoration of your choice (Tissue paper, ribbon)

Some of these items can be difficult to get hold of, so to make it a bit easier we offer the Candy Bar DIY Sweet Tree Kits. 

You can now buy our sweet tree kits online or directly from us in-store.
Just call us on 01277 650339 for more information or to order, or click here.

- Click 'Read More' for 4 Easy Steps to Create a Sweet Tree

 Stages in building a Sweet Tree

We have found that on average, people using our DIY Sweet Tree Kits take around 15 minutes to assemble the tree and start attaching sweets (which we can also provide - additional charge). 

diy-sweet-tree-step1-2Step 1

Place the oasis sphere on top of the dowel. (This will already be cemented into the base using our kit).

Note: If you're using your own materials, you will need to secure the dowel into the base of the pot, otherwise the tree will fall over with the weight of the sweets!

Step 2

Using the tissue paper provided in the kit, or material of your choice, cover the oasis sphere and tie together with a piece of ribbon or elastic band.

diy-sweet-tree-step3-4Step 3

Using your cocktail stick, push them through the tissue paper and into the oasis sphere, leaving enough of the cocktail stick poking out the top. 

Step 4

Add your sweets! In the image pictured we used Ferrero Rocher chocolates, but you can use any sweets of your choice (to a degree). 

We recommend putting in one cocktail stick and sweet at a time and if you're under 16 please seek adult's supervision.